Teacher Support

What is the Teacher's Role?

Teachers are the most important lever for change in the classroom. Many CS programs try to cut the teacher out of the equation. We empower teachers. As students engage with projects and tasks, teachers use live in-the-moment data to provide high-quality feedback and support.

We provide teachers with in-person training, online content for self-paced development, and a platform that allows for real-time data tracking of all students.

In-Person Training

RePublic provides summer training to teachers implementing the computer science curriculum developed and facilitated by the computer science team. During our in-person training, teachers will:

  • Complete sets of challenges to build proficiency in the languages covered by the course
  • Identify the alignment between introductory lessons and the AP CS Principles Framework
  • Review all lesson plans that are associated with the content from the challenges
  • Build out student projects at an exemplar level
  • Norm on the grading of student work on a rubric
  • Rehearse and practice implementation of lesson plans
  • Build community and collaborate with fellow Computer Science teachers

Self-Paced, Online Content

Teachers will continue to have access to individually paced content development to build their technical and foundational knowledge through our online training. The online teacher platform contains daily lesson plans, daily objectives and their alignment to the AP Computer Science Principles standards, vocabulary, pacing, and checks for understanding. The content also includes training videos for teachers and assessments to gauge teacher understanding. The online content is designed to be self-paced, resource-rich, and allows teachers to replay training videos as needed. The robust teacher platform provides teachers with the tools to successfully implement the computer science course on a daily basis while developing their long-term computer science expertise.

Real-Time Data Tracking

As you can see below, teachers follow along with their students in our platform, seeing data for all questions come back in real-time. This allows teachers to strategically target 1:1 coaching conversations and even provide real-time written feedback in the moment.