Who can teach a RePublic Computer Science course?
Our model is non-expert dependent, which means that any teacher can teach computer science. Through our innovative teacher development program, teachers learn the content needed to be successful.

What technology is required to run this course?
Any laptop or desktop from 2011 to now will work for this course. Google Chromebooks can be used for MS1 and HS1. We do not recommend iPads (or any other tablet) for our curriculum.

What is the cost of implementing the curriculum?
Access to the curriculum, online training, and real-time data tracking is all free. For access, reach out to info@republiccs.org. The enrollment fee for the optional live training is $800 per teacher.

Is travel and accommodation to the in-person trainings covered in the professional development fee?
No, this is not covered in the professional development fee.

My school is looking for a program where students learn Computer Science independently. Is your program a good fit?
No, our curriculum and program leverages one of the best resources in a classroom: the teacher. We have built our curriculum and teacher training model to provide rigorous, AP-aligned curriculum that is led by a computer science teacher-leader. To prepare students for college and career, scholars also engage in collaborative and pair-problem solving.