Who can teach a RePublic Computer Science course?

Our model is non-expert dependent, which means that any teacher can teach computer science. Through our rigorous and innovative teacher development program, teachers learn the content needed to be successful. 


What technology is required to run this course? 

Any laptop or desktop from 2011 to now will work for this course. Google Chromebooks can be used for MS1, MS2, HS1, and HS2. We do not recommend iPads (or any other tablet) for our curriculum


I saw that on average, most schools run the course 3 days a week, for 45 min class blocks but my school will be running it every day. Will we run out of material?

No, RePublic has accounted for this by building semester capstones. Capstones are optional projects that ensure schools running the CS curriculum everyday have quality content for the whole year.


My middle school feeds into a specific high school, is there a progression that will let students take computer science as a core class for more than four years?

Yes! Reach out to Joanna Klekowicz at joanna@republiccs.org, and she will work with you on a customized CS trajectory. 


Is travel and accommodation to the in-person trainings covered in the course fee? 

No, this is not covered in the course fee. 


I am a returning school, and my school wants to run two courses next year. How do the costs work and how does professional development work?

Schools pay $3,200 per course per school campus per year. Therefore, two courses would cost $6,400 all together and the online student platform is $15 per student per year. Each course comes with separate professional development. This means that if 1 teacher is running both courses, they will have access to two distinct in-person training sessions, two separate online contents, and two different interactive video sessions. If there is a different teacher for each course, then each teacher will have access to the professional development that is tailored to the course they are running. 


I am a returning teacher, do I still attend professional developments? 

Yes! Just as the computer science field constantly evolves, so does our curriculum and our training! To incorporate the strongest tools and the newest platforms, our material undergoes annual updates and revisions. We build purposeful PD to make sure that you are equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed to teach the course. Additionally, our returning teachers participate in a professional learning community (PLC) for part of your in-person training, which allows you work collaboratively with your fellow CS peers. 


My school is looking for a program where students learn Computer Science independently. Is your program a good fit?

No, our curriculum and program leverages one of the best resources in a classroom: the teacher. We have built our curriculum and teacher training model to provide rigorous, AP-aligned curriculum that is led by a computer science teacher-leader. To prepare students for college and career, scholars also engage in collaborative and pair-problem solving.