Reimagine public education in the South with us through Computer Science 


In our corner of the world, a child's odds of rising from the bottom fifth to the top fifth of the income distribution in his or her lifetime are lower than anywhere else in the nation. There are currently 100,000 computer science students in the United States and 500,000 computer science jobs. It is projected that, by 2020, this gap will grow to 1 million unfilled positions. Despite the economic and opportunity power of computer science skills, there is a disconnect between public education and the world's fastest-growing industry. 

In 2015: 

  • AP Computer Science A made up only 1.2% of all AP Exams taken
  • Women accounted for 22% of AP Computer Science A test takers 
  • African-American and Latino students accounted for 13% of AP Computer Science A test takers

RePublic is leading the charge in computer science education. We believe that students deserve access to high quality computer science teachers and a rigorous curriculum. Over the past five years, we have built and tested a robust program that develops teachers and transforms students into innovators and creators. As a curriculum and training program that has been built for educators, by educators, we have infused our program with research-based best practices and have meticulously assessed each detail.


There are three fundamental tenets of RePublic's Computer Science Program:

1) Teachers Lead the Charge: A Non-Expert Dependent Model

The strongest driver of success in any classroom is the teacher. Most of the nation's 3.7 million teachers don't know how to code. RePublic's Computer Science Program assumes all new teachers begin with only basic computer literacy skills, including the ability to interact with a browser, save files, and download applications. Through comprehensive training, which includes in-person training sessions, self-paced online content, and interactive weekly video sessions, RePublic Computer Science provides the structure and support for teachers to develop into computer science teacher-experts. 

2) CS is Core

RePublic combines our experience running world-class schools with the best online resources available, including MIT's Scratch, Mozilla's Thimble, and's App Lab, to build engaging and interactive instructional units. In each project-based unit, RePublic provides daily lesson plans, online student notes and challenges, teacher scripting and exemplar work, and aligned assessments. Students are not simply exposed to Computer Science through quick, disconnected activities. Instead, that are fully immersed in units where they learn, integrate and weave together foundational CS principles and programming abilities with problem solving habits and the development of soft skills.  


3) Courses are AP Aligned from Day 1

All students should have access to a cutting-edge, college-aligned computer science curriculum. Our curriculum is vertically aligned to the AP CS Principles Framework. The languages, skills, and projects prepare students for this college-level course. Students also create two artifacts per unit in this hands-on, project based program.